Multiple Enterprises

multiple-enterpriseMultiple Enterprise Colony – Nireekshana Colony, Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari (district), Andhra Pradesh

This group comprising men and women who are middle aged or elderly and many of them suffer from physical disabilities. This has not, however, hampered their motivation. The group opted for a multiple enterprises-based project wherein they each took up a different economic activity in accordance to their choice and based on their previous experience and skills. The different activities in which the members of this group are engaged in include dairy farming, cycle rickshaw pulling, carpentry and petty trading.

Today this multiple business project is in its fifth year. It is running profitably and has become self-sustaining Despite its complex business model involving various small businesses, the group works cohesively and efficiently as a team; it manages its accounts transparently with each member knowing the status of all other members; repayments to the community revolving fund are made on a regular basis from a share of monthly profits. These repayments are used to support other livelihood projects in the community.

The group has been able to achieve this as a result of their diligent and efficient working style, which has included holding regular meetings to keep a track of progress for each business and by sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. The group is a fine example of teamwork, integrity and discipline. They have regularly followed instructions from their association and abided by community decisions. Their biggest success they say is moving into a dignified and self-respecting means of earning their livelihood. This project is now moving on to the next level, with new members joining the group. With everyone in the group sharing a sense of commitment and integrity, there continues to be a shared interest among members of the group for collaborative team work.