Awareness Programmes

  • School-YPP Young Pertners Program (YPP)
    In an effort to create awareness in society about the facts of leprosy, its medical cure and highlight the lack of basis for the stigma and discrimination that leprosy-affected people and their families are subjected to, S-ILF decided that one of the effective longer term solutions would be to catch the population young. Thus started the Young Partners Program (YPP) under which S-ILF conducts awareness and sensitization sessions in schools.With financial assistance from National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), YPP approached 15 government schools. The program began with a sensitization of the school principals and teachers. This was followed by sessions in individual schools. Targeting Class VIII and IX students who counselors say are beginning to be socially aware and concerned, S-ILF conducted interactive sessions with the students and involved them in role play and poster making. In all, 8 schools involving around 1,000 students participated in the second phase of the awareness sessions and poster competition.
    S-ILF also took its school program to private schools in Delhi and made a presentation to the students of Class XI and Class XII at Vasant Valley School, New Delhi on 29th August 2014 to raise awareness about leprosy amongst students. A student council has been formed in the school to carry forward the awareness program among other students of the schools and also in other private schools.
  • On the Streets
    S-ILF has collaborated with professional theatre groups in Delhi to create a 10-minute play focusing on the stigma and discrimination attached with leprosy. A series of plays have been performed in different public locations in east, west central, south and north Delhi, along with many colleges and public events like Raahgiri.
  • Anti-Leprosy Day
    Every year on Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary, which in India is also known as Anti-Leprosy Day in deference to the wishes of the father of the nation to see the scourge of leprosy wiped off the face of India, S-ILF gives away its Rising to Dignity Awards. These awards are a token of recognition of the enormous efforts made by leprosy-affected people to move away from dependence on begging and become self-employed. S-ILF’s Rising to Dignity awards recognize the three best livelihood initiatives running over the last four years by beneficiaries of S-ILF’s livelihood program.