Nursing Scholars


Nursing Program

As daughters of beggars, daily wage labors and small shopkeepers their children especially girls have been subjected to various monetary and societal strains of the conventional family. They belong to very poor socio economic backgrounds. Due to lack of monetary resources these girls had no opportunities for higher education and were being forced to marry. Their families cannot afford to send them to nursing schools, not even if they could borrow the funds. In 2011, SILF started its Nursing Scholarship program for empowering girls from leprosy affected families to make them socially and economically independent. The scholarship provides them a chance to break out of this and become productive members of society, to get self-confidence and dignity.


Sonali Maruti Lal

“After completing class XII, I was worried about my future and higher education as my father is a construction worker. Then I learnt that there is a foundation which provides scholarships for nursing especially for girls from leprosy colonies. I decided to apply for this scholarship. I got the application form easily from the internet. I was selected and I got admission in the four year course for B.Sc nursing in Bharti Vidyapeeth. My fee of Rs 45,000 was paid directly to the college by S-ILF and in addition to that I got a monthly pocket money of Rs 1000 in my personal bank account. This money helped me in buying books notebooks and research papers. When I was in the second year I was invited by S-ILF to Delhi for Anti leprosy day program. The foundation provided me ticket and accommodation. I also got an opportunity to share few words on the stage. I felt very proud and happy. Today, I have completed my Nursing with distinction and waiting for my registration so that I can get a job as a nurse. I want to say a big thank you to Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation and all members who work for the foundation.”


Dipika Kumari

“Had it not been for this scholarship I would not have been able to pursue this professional degree as the fee is a lot for my family to afford. Studying in a professional institute is giving me a lot of exposure and confidence. It is preparing me well to step in to the big world out there”