Nurturing Sustainable Livelihoods

Leprosy affected families are often dependant on donations and begging for their survival. Social ostracization is further accentuated by the consequent economic deprivation, pushing them further on to the margins of society. SILF provides financial assistance for sustainable income generation through livelihood projects identified by the people themselves. SILF supports them with trainings and technical assistance, to ensure that income generating activities are viable and sustainable. The livelihood projects supported by SILF, by promoting and creating self-employment develop economic independence amongst the targeted population that eventually leads to their mainstreaming.

S-ILF recognizes the dedication and hard work of those running the livelihood enterprises, which has enabled them to make a successful transition from begging to dignified livelihood through S-ILF ’s Rising to Dignity Awards, presented on the occasion of Anti-Leprosy Day recognize the three best livelihood initiatives running over the last four years by beneficiaries of SILF’s livelihood program.