I take a pledge, not to discriminate against those affected by leprosy.

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Leprosy Free MindsYellow Ribbon: Working towards Leprosy Free Minds!

Did you know, worlds’ 65% of leprosy affected people reside in India and every year 50% of new cases are reported from our country? The rise in number is due to mere ignorance and stigma attached to the disease.

Yellow Ribbon is a symbol of support to end discrimination against the people affected with Leprosy. By wearing a Yellow Ribbon YOU pledge to become the brand ambassador for the campaign to end discrimination against Leprosy.  It is a promise to not only treat people affected with Leprosy with dignity but to also practice the five paths:

REMEMBER: that “Every person is born free and equal in dignity and human rights”.
KNOW: that Discrimination based on leprosy is a violation of human rights
ACKNOWLEDGE: that people affected by the disease and their families are equal members of society
REJECT: the use of derogatory terms such as ‘leper’ and its equivalent in other languages
SPREAD THE WORD: that leprosy is a least infectious bacterial disease which is not hereditary, which is easily and completely curable. Treatment for leprosy is available free of cost and discrimination is not right.

Sasakawa India Leprosy Foundation works towards ending stigma by ensuring equal social and economic opportunities for those affected by leprosy.

Join us in our fight against the stigma and help leprosy affected people lead a life of dignity.

Let us spread the word!