The Nippon Foundation

TNF is among the biggest philanthropic organisations working globally. It has played an important role in eradicating leprosy and still is working to make world, leprosy Free. It is because of TNF’s continuous efforts with help of Governments and WHO that once a health threat worldwide, leprosy has been eliminated from every country in the world except one. But still there are clusters and pockets where the disease still persists. Mr Sasakawa, its chairman, is engaged in humanitarian and philanthropic work from a long time. He travels to different parts of world in pursuit to eliminate leprosy. His work is well documented ( ) and is used as resources in the field of leprosy. (

Its sister concern, Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation (SMHF) was Founded in 1974. It is active in three main areas: Leprosy—empowering individuals and communities to overcome the stigma of a discriminatory disease; hospice and palliative care—helping patients and their families to cope with end-of-life issues, debilitating medical conditions and diseases of aging; and public health—improving the health of populations through support for training, innovation and research, and engaging in medical/health cooperation. (

Bi-monthly newsletter by WHO Goodwill Ambassador for leprosy, Mr Sasakawa is circulated around the world and an excellent source for updates on issues related to Leprosy. (