What We Do


We provide opportunities

We endeavour to provide opportunities to leprosy affected people and their families, especially those living in segregated colonies, to move out of begging and dependence on donations and into self or wage employment.

We enhance capacities

To ensure sustainability of the move into dignified livelihood, we focus on training and capacity building so that leprosy affected people and their children are able to get employable skills for either self or wage employment.

We empower people

By providing them financial and technical support, by providing mentorship and guidance, by ensuring transparent processes and accountability , by focusing on their strengths we work to empower leprosy affected people and their families to stand on their own feet, earn sustainable incomes and actively negotiate their inclusion in welfare schemes on their own.

We raise awareness

To counter the widespread misinformation about leprosy and the consequent persistence of stigma against the disease and the people affected by it, we raise awareness about the scientific facts about leprosy and bust the ancient myths still surrounding it. We reach out different stakeholders with targeted messages in a bid to create “leprosy free minds”.

We engage in Advocacy

To engage opinion and policy makers to speak for the rights and inclusion of leprosy affected people; to ensure that they are included in the network of public services and welfare schemes and that the legal and social framework does not discriminate against them.